Thursday, April 29, 2010

fairtrade activity booklet

the fair trade activity booklet assignment had a few requirements. designated grid. two spot colors. already provided graphics. cheap, bond paper. most of the project involved organizing a chunk of text in weekly activities for children to use and learn about fair trade chocolate.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

instruction design

Mission: to redesign the instructions to fold a fitted sheet, while not reinventing the wheel, but designing in an innovative way. I chose to create a 7 x 8 inch piece that would be folded and found in the package containing a bed sheet set. Upon encountering the sheet set the instructions should be removed from the package and flipped open to reveal instructions for folding the fitted sheet included. In order to solve the constant agony caused by folding the most difficult to deal with of all sheets, potential Martha Stewarts alike shall follow these easy-to-read steps to end up with a beautiful result. complete with photographs with views from the user, not seen before in competing instructions, and diagramming arrows and captions, the end result is not only compact, but concise.

weather report 3 of 3

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

visiting designer lecture

Designed a screen printed poster in collaboration with Roel Macias Jr for a visiting designer lecture at St. Edward's University, 18 x 24inch, with help from professor Tuan Phan. Featured designer Suthada Wadkhien received one of her masters at California Institute of the Arts. She currently lives and teaches design in Thailand.