Thursday, October 22, 2009

myriad pro type specimen book

to complete this project i explored a typeface, myriad pro, and showcased it in this type specimen


students were to create a typeface utilizing a grid while not allowed to use portions of squares, only whole squares.

design culture now

students were to create a 24 x 36in poster announcing a design conference featuring four designers. a main focus of the project was on typographical hierarchy.

symbol - matrix methodology

this project helped me familiarize myself with the formal and conceptual aspects of signs. i created a set of three symbols from a matrix methodology, exploring their potential to impart meaning, for the selected industry/discipline, conservation.

scavenger hunt

this project was designed to get the students to get started taking and editing digital photos, thinking about formal elements of design and honing hand skills. each photo relates to the next with a distinct formal characteristic such as space, color, line, texture/pattern, value and shape/form. the previous pictures relate to the next in the order listed above, excluding the last element.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

adobe illustrator ducky

practice using the pen tool in adobe illustrator by tracing a picture of a rubber ducky

new media interaction exercise

i was familiarizing myself with new media by creating a short interactive animation using the latter stages of my symbol project. this video was created using adobe flash and requires your participation. be sure to click the title of this blog post to view the video from the beginning.


the directions for this project were to create a series of 3 images formally, technically, and conceptually based on the word transformations. I chose to depict the transformation of a relationship.