Monday, December 14, 2009


our final project for image methodology was to document a certain object. I chose a teapot. throughout this project we kept a blog and documented our process from characterizing our object to creating pictures with direct references to that object and more abstract ones. these are two of my final pictures meant for posting on my blog. the first represents "made up of multiple parts" and the second is "traditional".

here is the link to that blog

artifact map

part one of the mapping project entailed we create an artifact map from our home to our first class or work. the artifact city is: the physical, indisputable, the network of streets and urban places and the buildings that surround and define them (Marc Treib). I chose to map my route from my home to my first class which I repeat in my next two maps. through these three maps we were to emphasize communication without the alphabet, like symbols and diagrams. this project helped me become more comfortable with abstraction, more specifically as a means to get a person from one place to another.

perceptual map

part two of our mapping assignment was to map our perceptions, what we sense, from out home to a class or work. the perceptual city is: a negotiation between the artifact and the human being. It is form limited and redefined by the human being. Here the city can be sensed as brilliant or depressing... this is the realm of how it seems (Marc Treib).

Thursday, December 10, 2009

cognitive map

part three of our map project. students were to convey a trip from their home to a class or to their work and map exactly what happens cognitively. the cognitive city is: the product of the brain and its experiences: how the inhabitant structures his or her perceptions and links them to the physical network (Mark Treib). I chose to represent my trip from my bed to the first time I sit down in class with a map that represents my thoughts and mental questions that motivate me during my route. I used color to further categorize what goes on in my mind during my route.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

critical mass

for this project the i experimented with different scanning methods in order to abstract objects. these images were combined with found print imagery to represent the fourth amendment to the United States Bill of Rights, "the right of people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures..."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

myriad pro type specimen book

to complete this project i explored a typeface, myriad pro, and showcased it in this type specimen


students were to create a typeface utilizing a grid while not allowed to use portions of squares, only whole squares.

design culture now

students were to create a 24 x 36in poster announcing a design conference featuring four designers. a main focus of the project was on typographical hierarchy.

symbol - matrix methodology

this project helped me familiarize myself with the formal and conceptual aspects of signs. i created a set of three symbols from a matrix methodology, exploring their potential to impart meaning, for the selected industry/discipline, conservation.

scavenger hunt

this project was designed to get the students to get started taking and editing digital photos, thinking about formal elements of design and honing hand skills. each photo relates to the next with a distinct formal characteristic such as space, color, line, texture/pattern, value and shape/form. the previous pictures relate to the next in the order listed above, excluding the last element.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

adobe illustrator ducky

practice using the pen tool in adobe illustrator by tracing a picture of a rubber ducky

new media interaction exercise

i was familiarizing myself with new media by creating a short interactive animation using the latter stages of my symbol project. this video was created using adobe flash and requires your participation. be sure to click the title of this blog post to view the video from the beginning.


the directions for this project were to create a series of 3 images formally, technically, and conceptually based on the word transformations. I chose to depict the transformation of a relationship.